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The longest period of peace ever witnessed in the Roman Empire is commonly called "Pax Romana" – brought on by Emperor Augustus, it was recorded to last around 200 years. It was a time of minimal military expansion and conflict, as the territory surrounding th...



        Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the third-longest serving Prime Minister in Canadian history and is widely seen as one of the prominent. In a global ranking of the most-liked Prime Ministers in Canada, he comes in...


The Founding Fathers set up the American judiciary as a check on the excesses of the elected branches and as a refuge when those branches are corrupted or consumed by passing passions” once said Senator Whitehouse of Utah. Is this a utopic definition of the U...


For any political whiz who has a particular interest in US midterm elections, the Senate race in Texas is the main focus. Being a predominantly conservative state, few would have guessed that a Democrat even stood a chance against a Republican challenger. None...

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